RTM Locker, a new RaaS gains notorieties in the threat landscape

From securityaffairs.com

Researchers from cybersecurity firm Trellix have detailed the tactics, techniques, and procedures of an emerging cybercriminal gang called ‘Read The Manual RTM Locker. The group provides a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) and provides its malicious code to a network of affiliates by imposing strict rules.

The group aims at flying below the radar, and like other groups, doesn’t target systems in the CIS region.

“The business-like set up of the group, where affiliates are required to remain active or notify the gang of their leave, shows the organizational maturity of the group, as has also been observed in other groups, such as Conti.” reads the analysis of the gang. “The gang’s modus operandi is focused on a single goal: to fly below the radar. Their goal is not to make headlines, but rather to make money while remaining unknown. The group’s notifications are posted in Russian and English, where the former is of better quality. Based on that, it isn’t surprising that the Commonwealth of Independent States in Eastern Europe and Asia (CIS) region is off-limits, ensuring no victims are made in that area.”

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