Rising volume of email fatigue opens doors for Cybercriminals

From malware.news

While remote work has many benefits, it can increase the risk of employees suffering from directed attention fatigue (DAF), where they find themselves unable to focus due to constant distractions. This is due primarily to isolation and the constant bombardment of emails and instant messages. In fact, one of the most worrying types of DAF for security professionals is email fatigue. 

Communicating through emails is often preferred over phone calls, but it may present a greater security risk – especially if we consider the amount of critical business data shared through email these days. When workers’ attention spans are stretched too thin, they are more likely to click on cleverly disguised malicious emails and put their data at risk. 

The best way to arm yourself against such attacks is by educating yourself. To that end, the following guide will explore how cybercriminals breach companies through employee inboxes and what you can do to prevent it.

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