Researchers Uncover How Lazarus Hacking Group Stole Millions of Dollars From ATMs


Lazarus Hacking Group

Lazarus Hacking Group is known for launching highly Sophisticated Cyber attacks targeting various sectors such as entertainment, financial services, defense, technology, and virtual currency industries, academia, and electric utilities.

Their activities including the development of various malware that was used for one of the biggest Wannacry Ransomware attacks in 2017, Sony cyber Attack on 2014 and Bangladesh Bank attack where attackers theft $81 million.

Security researchers from Symantec uncover the important tool used by Lazarus Hacking Group to steal money from the ATMs.

According to Symantec’s research, to make the fraudulent withdrawals, Lazarus first breaches targeted banks’ networks and compromises the switch application servers handling ATM transactions.

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