RedCurl hacking group returns with new attacks



Even after its operations were publicly exposed in August 2020, the RedCurl hacking group has continued to carry out new intrusions and has breached at least four companies this year, according to a new report from security firm Group-IB.

Targets hacked this year included two companies based in Russia, along with two others that Group-IB researchers said they couldn’t identify.

All in all, the group has now been linked to at least 30 intrusions since 2018, when it began operating, with victims located in the UK, Germany, Canada, Norway, Russia, and Ukraine.

Group-IB, which it previously detailed the group’s modus operandi in a report last year, said RedCurl consists of Russian-speaking members who have primarily engaged in corporate espionage, targeting companies across the world to steal documents that contain commercial secrets and employee personal data.

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