Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone has 144hz display, internal cooling fan


Chinese OEM Nubia (an offshoot of ZTE) has announced the latest in its line of gaming phones: the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

There are a couple¬†niche brands¬†out there that make “gaming” Android phones, but Nubia’s Red Magic series is probably the gamer-i-est gaming phone thanks to the inclusion of an internal cooling fan. Yes, just like a laptop, the CPU in this phone is cooled by an actual, spinny fan that blasts heat out of the side of the phone. The fan exhausts via a vent on the right side of the phone, above the power and volume button, and it pulls in air from another chunky vent on the left. This is easily the most extreme smartphone cooling solution on the market, and hopefully it ensures your marathon mobile gaming sessions avoid any kind of thermal throttling.

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