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1.) A ransomware group known as “Play” has recently issued a concerning statement. They have threatened to release the personal details of more than 8,600 Dallas County employees on the dark web unless their ransom demands are met. To add weight to their threat, the hackers have shared several screenshots that display personal information belonging to employees from various county departments.

The Play ransomware group is not new to the world of cybercrime and has a history of targeting corporate entities, often demanding large sums of money. In this latest incident, they have successfully infiltrated a government department in the early weeks of October and extracted sensitive employee data.

Dallas County’s IT department chose not to comply with the ransom demands, prompting the Play Ransomware Gang to issue a warning via Telegram. They have threatened to publicly auction the stolen data, leaving the personal information of over 8,000 employees vulnerable to social engineering attacks, such as phishing.

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