Ransomware Compromises Slump 34% in Q2

From infosecurity-magazine.com

The number of ransomware victims in the second quarter was over a third lower than Q1 2022, thanks in part to the halt in operations from the prolific Conti group, according to GuidePoint Security.

The firm’s quarterly ransomware report was based on data obtained from publicly available resources, including postings by threat groups on their data leak sites. In the second quarter, the vendor tracked 30 ransomware groups and 581 publicly posted victims.

“The dissolution of Conti as an actively operating ransomware group in Q2 meant the group only claimed 41 victims, compared to 103 in Q1 2022 which contributed to the decrease in total victims for the quarter,” it explained.

“The GuidePoint Research and Intelligence Team (GRIT) also observed a steep decrease in claimed victims from the Clop ransomware group, with only 11 posts this quarter, compared to 173 throughout the first quarter of 2022.”

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