Ransomware Attack Disrupts Scripps Health

From securityboulevard.com

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A ransomware attack against Scripps Health in San Diego over the weekend underscores the potentially dangerous impact cyberattack incidents can wreak on health care providers.

“Showing just how low cybercriminals will go, the attack on a major healthcare facility like Scripps highlights the dark side of ransomware, disturbingly putting lives at risk,” said Edgard Capdevielle, CEO at Nozomi Networks. “The truly sad reality is no one is immune from ransomware, and, like good medicine, the best defense is prevention.”

Scripps Health initially soft-pedaled the attack, the San Diego Tribune reported after viewing an internal memo. But the reality was much, much worse. The health system was forced into EHR downtime with some critical care patients redirected to other medical facilities after two of its four main hospitals and its backup servers, located in Arizona, were disrupted in the attack.

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