Qewe ransomware is the ransomware that cannot get decrypted unless the offline keys get used in the encryption process

From 2-spyware.com

Qewe ransomware virus

Qewe ransomware is one of many Djvu family versions that count more than 220 separate variants already. This is the threat that runs in the background and causes all the changes before it displays any visible symptoms. The first and the most important function that this malware has is file locking that allows the creators of the virus to make a profit directly from victims. Users notice data that gets marked using .qewe extension nad becomes inoperable. This is the indication of a successful encryption procedure that ransomware runs as soon as it lands on the computer. Since Djvu ransomware and STOP virus family, in general, are known creators of dangerous cryptocurrency-extortion based threats, we can immediately tell that paying is not an option, in this case. 

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