Protecting S3 from exfiltration attacks


In our last post on S3 buckets, we discussed “Why a modern approach is needed to protect S3 buckets.” In this post we’ll take this a step further by discussing the technical details of the different attack patterns and show what can be done to neutralize these types of attacks on S3.

With the prevalence of S3, the Amazon Simple Storage Service, as a data repository for many organizations, S3 data buckets have emerged as a prime target for unauthorized users trying to exfiltrate data. To combat this, AWS offers a raft of built-in protections. These protections have their limits, particularly for an organization that wants to protect all its data consistently across S3 and other types of repositories. Below, we survey the built-in S3 data protections, look at common weaknesses that arise in practice, and explain key areas where your team should consider augmenting this protection.

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