Prometheus Ransomware’s Bugs Inspired Researchers to Try to Build a Near-universal Decryption Tool


Prometheus, a ransomware variant based on Thanos that locked up victims’ computers in the summer of 2021, contained a major “vulnerability” that prompted IBM security researchers to attempt to create a one-size-fits-all ransomware decryptor that could work against numerous ransomware variants, including Prometheus, AtomSilo, LockFile, Bandana, Chaos, and PartyTicket. 
Despite the fact that the IBM researchers were able to erase the work of many ransomware versions, the panacea decryptor never materialised. According to Andy Piazza, IBM worldwide head of threat intelligence, the team’s efforts indicated that while some ransomware families may be reverse-engineered to produce a decryption tool, no organisation should rely on decryption alone as a response to a ransomware assault. 

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