Peloton Bike+ Vulnerability Could Allow Full Device Control To An Attacker


Peloton Bike+ Vulnerability

Heads up, Peloton customers! A security vulnerability in the Peloton Bike+ could allow an attacker to take control of your devices. Update your devices’ firmware at the earliest as the vendors have now patched the flaw. Peloton Bike+ Vulnerability Researchers from the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team found a serious security vulnerability in Peloton Bike+. Bike+ is a smart stationary bicycle belonging to the American fitness firm Peloton Interactive Inc. The company has a diversified product line for fitness enthusiasts ranging from stationary bikes to treadmills and related accessories. Basically, the Bike+ monitor is a simple Android tablet that gives the bike all the internet-connected functionalities. According to the researchers, the vulnerability primarily existed in the device’s Android Verified Boot (AVB) process. AVB is the security mechanism to verify all executables and data before boot.

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