Passwordless Authentication


What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication offers users a way to verify themselves while not having to remember or manually type passwords. This provides stronger security and fewer breaches.

How does passwordless authentication work?

Passwordless Authentication and SSO (Single Sign On) Solutions with SafeNet Trusted Access and Authentication as a Service:

  • Quickly remove passwords from authentication and SSO flows via easy-to-use conditional access policies
  • Using a combination of Push OTP and Biometric PIN or Push OTP and PIN
    • Support Windows 10, iOS & Android platforms with SafeNet MobilePASS+
    • Use Biometric verification with facial recognition or fingerprint authentication to access a token on an iOS, Android or Windows 10 device
  • Support FIDO2 standard with FIDO2 certified devices on any SSO platform
  • Address digital signature and email encryption, physical access use cases with Certificate based PKI authenticators, USB or Smart Cards
  • Support Voice authentication where a 3rd Party SMS provider translates SMS OTP to voice audio

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