Operation SaboTor – Law Enforcement Agencies Arrested 61 Dark Web Users Who are Buying & Selling Malware

From gbhackers.com

Operation SaboTor

Law enforcement agencies announced the results of Operation SaboTor, a coordinated international operation targeting vendors and buyers of dark web market places.

As a result of the operation, law enforcement agencies made 61 arrests and shuts down 50 Darknet accounts used for illegal activities.

The joint operation between EuropolFBI, and DEA conducted between January 11 and March 12, 2019, they conducted 122 interviews, seizing 299.5 kilograms of drugs, 51 firearms, $2.48 million in cash, $40,000 in gold and executed 65 search warrants.

β€œLaw enforcement is most effective when we work together, and J-CODE is the global tip of the spear in the fight against online opioid trafficking,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said.

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