OneForAll:– Powerful subdomain collection tool.


OneForAll:-- Powerful subdomain collection tool.

1. Use certificate transparency to collect subdomains (currently there are 6 modules: censys_api , spyse_api , certspotter , crtsh , entrust , google )
2. Routine inspection and collection of subdomains (currently there are 4 modules: domain transmission vulnerability exploit axfr , check cross-domain policy file cdx , check #HTTPS certificate cert , check content security policy csp , check robots file robots , check sitemap file sitemap . NSEC records, NSEC3 records and other modules)
3. Collect subdomains using online crawler archives (currently there are 2 modules: archivecrawl , commoncrawl , this module is still being debugged, and this module needs to be added and improved)
4. Support subdomain blasting
5. Support subdomain verification , subdomain verification
6. Support subdomain takeover
7. The processing function is powerful
8. The speed is extremely fast

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