O.G. AUTO-RECON – Enumerate A Target Based Off Of Nmap Results

From kitploit.com


  • The purpose of O.G. Auto-Recon is to automate the initial information gathering phase and then enumerate based off those results as much as possible.
  • This tool is intended for CTF’s and can be fairly noisy. (Not the most stealth conscious tool…)
  • All tools in this project are compliant with the OSCP exam rules.
  • Command syntax can be easily modified in the Config settings. $variable names should remain unchanged.
  • If Virtual Host Routing is detected, O.G. Auto-Recon will add the host names to your /etc/hosts file and continue to enumerate the newly discovered host names.
  • DNS enumeration is nerfed to ignore .com .co .eu .uk domains etc… since this tool was designed for CTF’s like for instance, “hack the box”. It will try to find most .htb domains if dns server’s are detected..
  • This project use’s various stand-alone & custom tools to enumerate a target based off nmap results.
  • All Commands and output are logged to a Report folder using the naming context, “IP-ADDRESS-Report/” which will look something like, with a directory tree structure similar to this report tree structure

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