NSA Guidance: Zero Trust Applied to 5G Cloud Infrastructure contd: Parts 3 and 4

From cisecurity.org


“Security Guidance for 5G Cloud Infrastructures” is a series of four documents intended to help secure cloud environments. It’s been created as a joint industry and government effort with the support of several large contributors through the NSA’s Enduring Security Framework (ESF).

In the previous blog, Parts 1 and 2 were highlighted. Parts 3 and 4 of the series detail the requirements to achieve integrity and data confidentiality in cloud-hosted environments.

The guidance throughout the four documents applies to any virtual environment with an aim to provide a secure multi-tenant isolated computing infrastructure. This series establishes a detailed set of requirements and guidelines to ensure a holistic view is taken and that all angles are considered in terms of how a cloud provider or even a sophisticated data center could achieve the security level necessary to host the solutions and applications expected for 5G. These applications are likely to require multi-tenant isolation and may operate in a cloud environment or an edge computing server with a similar virtual environment.

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