Nqhd ransomware (virus) – Decryption Steps Included

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Nqhd ransomware

Nqhd file virus is a malicious program designed to encrypt all personal data on the computer and then demand ransom for its return. Once inside the system, it encrypts all personal pictures, videos, documents, archives, and other files by using a strong encryption algorithm.[1] The file-locking process ends in useless files. The virus also appends a .nqhd extension in the process to mark files affected by the ransomware. Victims can no longer access these files and are required to have a unique key that is in possession of cybercriminals behind the ransomware.

Once the encryption is complete, the virus drops a ransom note _readme.txt – instructions from cybercriminals. It explains to victims what happened to their files and claims that the only method to return them is by paying a ransom for a decryption tool. For negotiation purposes, crooks also provide emails manager@mailtemp.ch, helprestoremanager@airmail.cc.

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