Now Russian hackers are using Brexit as part of their cyber attacks


A hacking group widely believed to work on behalf of the Russian state is using Brexit as a lure for conducting cyber operations with the aim of delivering malware to targets across Europe.

The UK’s departure from the European Union appears to be the latest in a line of current affairs topics which Russian hacking group Fancy Bear — also known as APT28, Sofacy and a variety of other names — is using in an effort to trick targets into opening emails and downloading malware.

Earlier this month, the hacking operation — which is thought to have strong links to the Kremlin — was seen using phishing lures relating the recent Lion Air crash just off the coast of Indonesia. But now cyber security researchers at Accenturehave seen the group that they refer to as SNAKEMACKEREL exploiting Brexit in a campaign designed to deliver trojan malware.

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