North Korea-linked APT group targeted UN Security Council officials over the past year, states a report from the United Nations organ.


A North-Korea-linked cyber espionage group has launched spear-phishing attacks aimed at compromising tens of officials from the United Nations Security Council.

The campaign targeted at least 28 UN officials, including at least 11 individuals representing six countries of the UN Security Council.

The campaign was disclosed in a UN report published at the end of August, the attacks took place this year and were spotted by an unnamed UN member state that reported it to the UN Security Council.

“According to information from another Member State, at least 28 individuals, including at least 11 officials from six members of the Security Council, became the targets of a spear-phishing campaign in 2020 which appeared to have been conducted by a Kimsuky advanced persistent threat group.” reads the report. “According to the information, these Democratic People’s Republic of Korea cyberactors launched a “security alert” – themed spear-phishing campaign in mid-March against Gmail accounts of the targeted individuals by placing malicious links in the email, utilizing a link to bypass spam blockers of the potential victims.”

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