New SugarGh0st RAT targets Uzbekistan government and South Korea


  • Cisco Talos recently discovered a malicious campaign that likely started as early as August 2023, delivering a new remote access trojan (RAT) we dubbed “SugarGh0st.” 
  • We found evidence suggesting the threat actor is targeting the Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and users in South Korea. 
  • We assess with high confidence that the SugarGh0st RAT is a new customized variant of Gh0st RAT, an infamous trojan that’s been active for more than a decade, with customized commands to facilitate the remote administration tasks as directed by the C2 and modified communication protocol based on the similarity of the command structure and the strings used in the code.
  • We observed two infection chains leveraging Windows Shortcut embedded with malicious JavaScript to deliver the components to drop and launch the SugarGh0st payload.
  • In one infection chain, the actor leverages the DynamixWrapperX tool to enable Windows API function calls in malicious JavaScript for running the shellcode.
  • Talos assesses with low confidence that a Chinese-speaking threat actor is operating this campaign based on the artifacts we found in the attack samples.

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