New Software Skims Credit Card Info From Online Credit Card Transactions


Criminals continue to target online stores to steal payment details from unaware customers at a rapid pace. There are many different ways to go about it, from hacking the shopping site itself, to compromising its supply-chain.

A number of online merchants externalize the payment process to a payment service provider (PSP) for various reasons, including peace of mind that transactions will be handled securely. Since some stores will not process payments on their own site, one might think that even if they were compromised, attackers wouldn’t be able to steal customers’ credit card data.

But this isn’t always true. RiskIQ previously detailed how Magecart’s Group 4 was using an overlay technique that would search for the active payment form on the page and replace it with one prepped for skimming.

The one we are looking at today adds a bogus iframe that asks unsuspecting customers to enter their credit card information. The irony here is that the shopping site itself wouldn’t even ask for it, since visitors are normally redirected to the external PSP.

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