New data extortion email campaign copying ransomware gang techniques


All signs indicate that this is simply a scam to scare company decision makers into paying money to avoid further consequences.

The Avast Threat Labs have identified a new data extortion scam targeting companies. The scam is designed to look like it’s coming from a ransomware or data extortion cyber gang and is sent via email to employees of different companies, addressing them by their full name.

In this message, they let them know their company has suffered a security breach and a large amount of information has been stolen — including data from Human Resources — such as employee records, personal, and medical data. The senders claim they are from a ransomware group, like “Silent Ransom”, or “Lockffit.” If read quickly, the recipient may believe the email was sent by the “LockBit” ransomware group, which is known for their aggressive data extortion methods.

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