Never Forget That You Are Being Watched


What data do Facebook, Google, and mobile apps collect, do mobile carriers listen to your calls? Read this post and find answers to these and other privacy questions as well as get tips on how to protect your personal data.

It has become known that information about 257,000 Facebook users have been freely available. Although hackers claim to have data of 120 million people. In addition to hacker attacks, Facebook itself knows everything about its users. The social network collects 98 types of information – from geolocation to education level, income, credit cards details, and your preferences as to clothes.

The main source of information for Facebook, Google and plenty of other services is, of course, your mobile phone. People always carry it with them and use it to access the Internet. The smartphone has become the best surveillance device of the 21st century, and users deliberately allow 3rd parties to track every step they take.

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