Msldap : LDAP Library For Auditing MS AD


Msldap : LDAP Library For Auditing MS AD
  • Comes with a built-in console LDAP client
  • All parameters can be conrolled via a conveinent URL (see below)
  • Supports integrated windows authentication (SSPI) both with NTLM and with KERBEROS
  • Supports channel binding (for ntlm and kerberos not SSPI)
  • Supports encryption (for NTLM/KERBEROS/SSPI)
  • Supports LDAPS (TODO: actually verify certificate)
  • Supports SOCKS5 proxy withot the need of extra proxifyer
  • Minimal footprint
  • A lot of pre-built queries for convenient information polling
  • Easy to integrate to your project
  • No testing suite

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