Mounting pressure is creating a ticking time bomb for railway cybersecurity


The expansion of potential cyber threats has increased due to the integration of connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the convergence of IT and OT in railway operations.

In this Help Net Security interview, Dimitri van Zantvliet is the Cybersecurity Director/CISO of Dutch Railways, and co-chair to the Dutch and European Rail ISAC, talks about cyber attacks on railway systems, build a practical cybersecurity approach, as well as cyber legislation.

The railroad industry is going through a significant shift. Whenever a connected device is added, an attacker has a new opportunity to exploit it. How has your job evolved with increasing digital transformation?

At the Dutch Railways (but this goes for our entire sector), our cyber jobs have evolved to focus more heavily on cybersecurity in the face of increased digital transformation, -threat landscape, and -cyber legislation. With the integration of connected devices, the IoT and IT-OT convergence throughout our operations, the attack surface for potential cyber threats has greatly expanded.

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