Mitigating sophisticated attacks — the NuData way (part II)


This is the continuation of part I. If you haven’t read it, we suggest you start there for more attack types and fraud mitigation techniques.

Now, where were we? Right, we just talked about spotting human-driven attacks. Let’s look at how to spot probing attacks that sneak in, to learn from your security parameters.

1. Spotting probing attacks

Some of the most potentially damaging attacks we see on the NuData network start extremely small. By probing your defenses with a hard-to-detect, low-volume attack, a cybercriminal can ferret out your vulnerabilities without setting off any alarms. Then they use that knowledge to launch a larger attack tailored to your system’s specific weaknesses, hoping to overwhelm your defenses completely.

To prevent that from happening, early detection of probing is key. Think of those initial attacks as the first phase of a pest infestation. You might not notice or be bothered by the first ant scout who appears on a solo mission to find food in your kitchen. But you will definitely notice when there’s a several-feet-long trail of ants to the leaky pot of jam in your cupboard a day later. Intercepting that first ant takes extra work, but it saves you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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