Microsoft will limit Exchange Online bulk emails to fight spam


Microsoft has announced plans to fight spam by imposing a daily Exchange Online bulk email limit of 2,000 external recipients starting January 2025.

Exchange Online doesn’t support sending bulk or high volumes of emails from a single account, and until now, Microsoft has not placed any restrictions on bulk emails.

However, with its plans for new External Recipient Rate (ERR) limits, the company wants to prevent customers from abusing Exchange Online resources and restricting unfair usage.

“Exchange Online enforces a Recipient Rate limit of 10,000 recipients. The 2,000 ERR limit will become a sub-limit within this 10,000 Recipient Rate limit,” the Exchange Team said on Monday.

“There is no change to the Recipient Rate limit. If you send to less than 2,000 external recipients in a 24 hour period, you will still be able to send to 10,000 total recipients.”

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