Microsoft does not want ValueLicensing CEO anywhere near its confidentiality ring


Documents from Microsoft’s £270 million ($331 million) legal spat with Brit reseller ValueLicensing have revealed squabbling behind the scenes over what can be disclosed and who should be in the circle of trust.

As a reminder, the case revolves around allegations by ValueLicensing (VL) that Microsoft added some clauses into its contracts to stop customers from selling on surplus perpetual licenses for Microsoft products. Companies such as VL sold on these licenses until what it describes as “anticompetitive contract clauses” showed up in 2016, allegedly replete with enticing discounts for switching to a subscription model.

In relation to the license restrictions in question, Microsoft told The Reg back in April 2022, “We have eliminated the restriction but continue to offer the discount on cloud subscriptions.” VL, however, reckons that the result of Microsoft’s actions are higher prices.

During a Case Management Conference held by the Competition Appeal Tribunal yesterday, both sides gave an account of issues that need to be resolved before the case could go to trial.

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