Microsoft debuts System Center 2022


Microsoft has quietly slipped System Center 2022 out the door, more than six months after the debut of Windows Server 2022 – but also flagged the product is not in its final state.

System Center is Microsoft’s tool for deploying and managing software-defined datacenters and has long been a near-essential companion for those deploying Windows Server at scale. Microsoft these days spends a lot more time talking about Arc, its cloud-hosted management suite, but System Center still has a loyal following.

The new version includes updates to System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH), Service Manager (SM), and Data Protection Manager (DPM), but has a modest list of new features.

Teams integration for SCOM is said to be of use to DevOps types who want to drive Windows infrastructure as code. VMM gets improved software-defined networking, including the ability to handle IPv6 addresses alongside IPv4 addresses. The virtual server wrangler is also now happy with guests running Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022 – an utterly unsurprising enhancement.

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