Microsoft Brings Passkeys, Bad Code Protection to Windows 11


Microsoft updated Windows 11 on Tuesday to simplify passwordless adoption, protect against malicious code and have the ability to refresh configuration in the event of tampering.

The Seattle-area software and cloud computing giant said enhancements to the Windows 11 operating system will allow users to replace passwords with passkeys to prevent hackers from exploiting stolen passwords through phishing attacks. Passkeys create a unique, un-guessable cryptographic credential that’s stored on the user’s device, and Microsoft said it is promoting passkeys as part of the FIDO Alliance (see: Apple, Google, Microsoft Unite to Make Passwordless Easier).

“Instead of using a username and password to sign in to a website or application, Windows 11 users will be able to use and protect passkeys using Windows Hello or Windows Hello for Business on their phone,” David Weston, vice president of enterprise and OS security at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post. “This will enable users to sign in to the site or app using their face, fingerprint or device PIN.”

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