Meow Attack Campaign Evolves to Target Jupyter Notebooks


Researchers at Aquasec have found cybercriminals targeting unsecured Jupyter notebooks in the new Meow attack campaign. In fact, the automated ‘meow’ attack is currently targeting hundreds of publicly accessible databases on the web.

What’s the new update?

According to researchers, the attackers accessed a misconfigured Jupyter Notebook instance to run their code, hopefully, found using a Shodan search.

  • While the infrastructure of the attackers is still under investigation, a total of 1,283 distinct IP addresses have been targeted by them.
  • Attackers reportedly initiated a dash shell to gather information about victims such as their user ID, processor type, architecture, and operating system name and release.
  • Next, the attackers downloaded a malicious script from a shared file server and executed it on the notebook after installing the necessary Python packages.

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