Melting Ice – Tracking IcedID Servers with a few simple steps


Tracking botnets usually demands a significant amount of effort, time, and threat intelligence know-how. The barrier to entry grows even larger in cases of multi-staged complex malware families such as IcedID, Emotet, and QakBot. Therefore, as malware analysts, we tend to look for ways to automate the process as much as we can — collecting a large scale of samples, identifying them, extracting their configurations, and then having these yield value we are interested in, such as a clearer threat intel picture or a more up-to-date domain reputation engine. 

While the malware analysis life is often as difficult as described above, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, if we are clever, 10% of the work will get us 90% of the result we are interested in. In this article, we demonstrate such a sleight-of-hand and show how to hunt IcedID C&C servers quickly and without tracking or analyzing any samples.

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