ME Analyzer v1.84.0 r161 releases: Intel Engine Firmware Analysis Tool


ME Analyzer is a tool which parses Intel Engine firmware images from the Converged Security Management Engine, Converged Security Trusted Execution Engine, Converged Security Server Platform Services, Management Engine, Trusted Execution Engine & Server Platform Services families. It can be used by end-users who are looking for all relevant firmware information such as Family, Version, Release, Type, Date, SKU, Platform etc. It is capable of detecting new/unknown firmware, checking firmware health, Updated/Outdated status and many more. ME Analyzer is also a powerful Engine firmware research analysis tool with multiple structures which allow, among others, full parsing and unpacking of Converged Security Engine (CSE) firmware, Flash Partition Table (FPT) & Boot Partition Descriptor Table (BPDT/IFWI), advanced Size detection etc. 

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