McAfee: Companies Receive 504 Online Threats Per Minute!



According to a new research, businesses accept 504 online threats every minute. In addition, the attacks ransomware have increased by 118% as the hackers are constantly improving their hacking techniques to attack businesses and individuals and steal data. The investigation was conducted by McAfee and found that in the first quarter of 2019 about two billion stolen account credentials were found in underground markets.

The impact of these threats is very significant. Every time it becomes one attack causes great damage (financial and not only).

According to McAfee ‘s research, the spearphishing The attacks remained popular. At the same time, the attacks ransomware increased as they began to target more and more exposed areas of the remote access, such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In addition, researchers noted that in many ransomware attacks hackers used them anonymous emails services to carry out their attacks, not command-and-control servers, as they are used to.

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