Managing and maturing Kubernetes security in the enterprise


Why Is Storage On Kubernetes So Hard? - Software Engineering Daily

The TL;DR version of the Infoworld article went something like this: “Companies are shying away from managing their own Kubernetes clusters and more and more, turning to managed Kubernetes solutions” – and I was not surprised.

Kubernetes: Complex and ever-evolving ecosystem

Even though Kubernetes adoption seems to be at an all-time high (48% according to the Container Journal, from 27% in 2018), security awareness for teams working on Kubernetes projects at their workplaces and running mission-critical workloads on Kubernetes is surprisingly low. I should know: my team and I trained over a thousand folks on managing container and Kubernetes security in 2020 alone. In addition, we work on security testing, assessment and consulting engagements where we run into and often successfully break into Kubernetes deployments (with permission, of course).

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