Major Cyberattacks in Review: August 2023


August 2023 has not passed without its share of significant cyberattacks. Among the incidents of last month, we have observed multiple data breaches involving well-known threat actors.

Specifically, the MOVEit Transfer attacks carried out by Clop ransomware persist, now reaching approximately a thousand victim organizations and affecting over 60 million individuals.

Without delay, let’s dive into the notable cyberattacks of August 2023 and examine their implications.

Operational Disruptions Follow Cryptocurrency Thefts at Exactly Protocol and Harbor Protocol 

Two cryptocurrency platforms, namely Exactly Protocol and Harbor Protocol, suffered cryptocurrency thefts, prompting them to halt operations and caution their customers.

The decentralized finance platform, Exactly Protocol, limited user activities solely to asset withdrawals during the investigation. The company also acknowledged the theft of $7.3 million worth of ETH in the attack. Additionally, a $700,000 reward is being offered for information that aids in identifying the culprits.

Concurrently, the Harbor Protocol, developed by crypto enterprise ComDex, reported fund drainage but is uncertain about the extent of their loss. They have reached out to customers for assistance in tracking the compromised funds. In an outreach to the responsible party or parties, they expressed their willingness to engage in dialogue for a resolution that safeguards users and the community without disruption. 

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