Maintaining Meeting Security During the Coronavirus



Whether you’re in the office or at home, there’s probably one activity you do more than any other: meetings. It doesn’t matter if you’re a financial analyst, a marketing intern or head of IT security, chances are you’re in near-constant communication with your colleagues. The fact that we rely so heavily on communication doesn’t change just because many of us are now remote under social distancing guidelines. In fact, with organizations around the world scrambling to adjust to new norms under the coronavirus pandemic, communication becomes even more crucial.

The problem many companies face now is not just how communication is changing, but how to keep meetings and conversations secure when all of it is now done online via chat and videoconferencing platforms. And while concerns are high over recent news around intrusions into virtual meetings by trolls or more malicious outside attackers, there are a number of safeguards companies can take to help keep meetings as secure as possible.

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