Loosening the Grip of Ransomware

From securityboulevard.com

ransomware phishing attack

The specter of ransomware is currently looming large. Barely a day goes by without headlines announcing the latest big name whose data’s been ‘kidnapped’ by cybercriminals—and imagine the number of victims that we don’t hear about! Recently, the well-known camera maker Olympus was allegedly hit by a ransomware attack which is still under investigation; other victims include Kia Motors, Colonial Pipeline, JBS, CD Projekt Red—it’s a familiar issue for many organizations across all industries. Like cockroaches that survive a nuclear war, ransomware persists across every iteration of networks, infrastructure and devices. To make things even more challenging, COVID-19 has turned the working world upside down and given rise to a raft of technology challenges that include ransomware-related security concerns.

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