Lazarus BTC Changer. Back in action with JS sniffers redesigned to steal crypto


In the last five years, JavaScript sniffers have grown into one of the most dangerous threats for e-commerce businesses. The simple nature of such attacks combined with the use of malicious JavaScript code for intercepting payment data attract more and more cybercriminals, and JS-sniffers became one of the most prominent sources of stolen bank cards on underground markets. However, in one recent campaign we saw a big step forward in attacks on e-commerce websites involving JS-sniffers.

In July 2020, Sansec published an article about the attacks on US and European online shops with the use of JavaScript sniffers (JS-sniffers). The researchers attributed the “clientToken=” campaign to the North Korean APT called Lazarus (aka Dark Seoul Gang, HIDDEN COBRA, Guardians of Peace, APT38, APT-C-26, Labyrinth Chollima, Zinc, Bluenoroff, Stardust Chollima).

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