Large Amount Of European ISP’s Mobile Traffic Rerouted Through China Telecom


On 6th June, a large amount of European mobile network Traffic rerouted via China Telecom for nearly two hours, which begins at 09:43 UTC 6 June 2019.

The incident occurred due to BGP route leak from a Swiss-based data center colocation company Safe Host (AS21217) and it leads over 70,000 Traffic rerouted to China Telecom (AS4134) which is controlled by Chinese-government.

The routing incidents were noticed only for a few minutes, but many of the leaked routes were circulated more than 2 hours and more-specifics of routed prefixes.

70,000 Internet routes roughly compared with more than 300 million IP’s traffic and some of the most impacted European networks included Swisscom (AS3303) of Switzerland, KPN (AS1130) of Holland, and Bouygues Telecom (AS5410) and Numericable-SFR (AS21502) of France.

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