Lapsus$ member has been convicted of having hacked multiple high-profile companies


A teenage member of the Lapsus$ data extortion group, Arion Kurtaj (18), was convicted by a London jury of having hacked multiple high-profile companies, including UberRevolut, and blackmailed the developers of the gaming firm Rockstar Games.

Since September 2022, Kurtaj conducted a series of solo attacks, he gained access to around 5,000 Revolut customers’ records and hacked Uber causing $3 million of damage. Then he targeted Rockstar Games and threatened to release the source code for the popular video games Grand Theft Auto sequel.

Other victims of the man are the Britain broadband provider BT Group and Nvidia.

Kurtaj has autism and was assessed by psychiatrists as not fit to stand trial. However, a jury was asked to determine if the teenager was responsible for the series of attacks and if he acted with the criminal intent.

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