Just-Released Checkra1n iPhone Jailbreak Stirs Security Concerns

From threatpost.com

Checkra1n iphone jailbreak

Now that the checkm8 BootROM vulnerability has a working exploit, security pros are warning of potential attacks.

With the checkra1n iPhone jailbreak now available, security experts are urging mobile-device managers to keep on their toes as the powerful new tool becomes available to hackers and iPhone users who may recklessly use it.

Jailbreaking is the process of hacking these devices to bypass DRM restrictions, allowing users to run unauthorized and custom software, and to make other tweaks to iOS.

The security concerns around checkra1n are multifaceted. One risk factor is users jailbreaking their own iOS devices, making them susceptible to rogue or unstable apps downloaded from outside of Apple’s curated App Store.

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