Japan imposes trade restrictions on South Korea for smartphone and chip materials

From zdnet.com

Japan on Monday announced trade restrictions that will make it harder for South Korean companies, such as Samsung and LG, to buy manufacturing technology used to make chips and smartphones.

From 4 July, Japanese companies will need to obtain government approval in order to export fluorinated polyimide, resist, or hydrogen fluoride — materials used to make chips and smartphones — to South Korean companies.

The Japanese government will also be seeking public consultation on whether South Korea should be removed from its “white country list”. Companies operating in countries listed on the “white country list” are able to trade technology in Japan with minimal restrictions. 

“The international export control system is built on the basis of a trust relationship, but from a review by the relevant ministries and agencies, the trust relationship between Japan and Korea has been seriously impaired,” the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry said.

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