Israel Blamed for Crippling Attack on Iranian Gas Stations


A cyber-attack which paralyzed Iran’s gas stations last month was launched by Israeli operatives, as tension between the Middle East rivals continues to escalate, according to a new report.

Two unnamed US defense officials attributed the October 26 attacks to Israel, according to the New York TimesIt may have been timed to coincide with nationwide protests in Iran two years ago, which resulted from a hike in fuel prices at the pump.

This time, not only did hackers take thousands of gas stations out of action for nearly two weeks, but they also hijacked billboards in major cities to post messages encouraging citizens to complain to supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Pumps reportedly had to be reset manually, which accounted for the long delays.

There are also suggestions that the attackers accessed secret government data on international oil sales stored on air-gapped computers – hinting that they may have had inside help.

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