IRA Tickets, Jabber Servers and… Gmail Accounts? FBI Papers Reveal Cyber Criminals’ IT Infrastructure


Fin7 hackers

Unsealed court documents reveal highly organised, WFH, crew

The FBI has arrested a hacker at the heart of one of the world’s most prolific hacking crews, Fin7, newly unsealed court documents show.

Ukrainian national Denys Iarmak, 31, whose resume included stints as a systems administrator, helped steal data including millions of credit card details from casinos, credit unions and Trump Hotels.

Fin7 has been active since at least September 2015 and typically made its initial intrusion via personalised phishing attacks.

The FBI said: “Based on initial estimates, this hacking scheme has stolen tens of millions of payment card numbers and has caused over $100 million in losses to US financial institutions and companies.”

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