Intel’s effort to build a foundry biz is costing far more – and taking longer – than expected


ANALYSIS Three years after CEO Pat Gelsinger announced Intel would create a foundry business that took on contract manufacturing gigs, Chipzilla has committed to more than $185 billion in spending across new and existing fab, packaging, and test sites.

Now with $8.5 billion in US CHIPS Act subsidies in hand and up to $11 billion of loans secured, Intel Foundry – an independently managed unit under the Intel umbrella – is pushing ahead with its plan to become the number two foundry operator behind TSMC by 2030.

In a report issued on Monday, Intel offered an update on how its ten largest projects are going – and it looks like it’s going to be a little while longer before it’s ready to leapfrog Samsung and give TSMC a run for its money.

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