Increased biometric security is coming to an office near you


Mobile biometric solutions are getting cheaper and offering better user experience.


Mobile biometric solutions are getting cheaper and offering better user experience. This will drive adoption among business users, which have so far kept their distance from such tools.

This is according to Gartner, which says these tools will be used by 70 per cent of organisations by 2022. In comparison, this year the adoption rate was at five per cent.

Among midsize and larger organisations, 40 per cent will use biometric SaaS solutions by 2022, up from five per cent today, it was added. SaaS biometric solutions are good at enhancing access management software implementations, the report claims. ‘The ease of implementation and rapid time to value of SaaS-delivered IAM offerings have proved valuable to organisations that favour SaaS adoption and do not consider the operational management of IAM functionality core to their business,’ the report states.

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