I don’t have to save my work, it’s in The Cloud. But Microsoft really has to fix this files issue

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A road leading up to a question mark in a cloud

On Call Join us in closing out the week with another tale from those brave souls charged with taking that call in our weekly feature, On Call.

Today’s storyteller we will call “Jason” in order to protect the less-than-innocent. Jason worked as support for an organisation in the process of migrating users to the excitingly cloudy world of Office 365. The familiar desktop applications remained but, as is the way with Microsoft these days, it was all about The Cloud.

We can just imagine the onboarding and training sessions where dubious users were introduced to this “new” way of working.

One, it seems, had paid attention to all bar a critical 1 per cent of training and was struggling to get to grips with their new software. Jason explained that the user called the helpdesk “complaining that everyone’s favourite word processor, Word, wasn’t saving files”.

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