Huawei stole our tech and created a ‘backdoor’ to spy on Pakistan, claims IT biz


A California-based IT consultancy has sued Huawei and its subsidiary in Pakistan alleging the Chinese telecom firm stole its trade secrets and failed to honor a contract to develop technology for Pakistani authorities.

The complaint [PDF], filed on Wednesday in the US District Court in Santa Ana, California, describes how Business Efficiency Solutions, LLC, (BES) began working with Huawei Technologies in 2016 to overhaul the IT systems available to the Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication Center (PPIC3) of Lahore, capital of the Punjab province of Pakistan.

The legal filing claims, among other things, that Huawei has used BES’s Data Exchange System “to create a backdoor and obtain data important to Pakistan’s national security and to spy on Pakistani citizens.”

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